Advisors, as we kick off 2023 and look forward to a strong year ahead – we wanted to start this year off with a focus on leadership.

This week, Jon reviews 5 thoughtful leadership questions that were asked of him on one of his last Mastermind Group Coaching Session with Jon Randall of eXtraordinary Financial Advisors.

Jon Kuttin goes deep into some of the “secret sauce” behind his leadership techniques and tactics to ensure that an organization is fully engaged with the vision, mission, values and beyond.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin goes into depth with these 5 questions:

  • As you have built a leadership culture in your organization, what have been your keys to success?
  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • What do you believe is the most misunderstood part of being a leader?
  • Tell the listeners about your approach to delegation?
  • How do you think leaders can contribute to a positive work culture?

Advisors, are you directing or connecting?  Do you really know what makes your employees tick and how to move them positively within the organization?  Do you know your team’s real pain points and how to lead them to the next level?

If you are looking to get to the next level or struggling with your team and need applicable and tangible leadership lessons to apply to your growing organization, this episode is for you!


Connect with Jon Kuttin, Joseph Greco, and Kuttin Consulting Group:

Joseph joined Jon’s wealth management practice in 2012 as a junior associate. He quickly found a strong niche building relationships with local CPAs on Long Island and in New York City to help source new clients and professional alliances to the firm. He works with 20+ CPA and attorney partners in our close knit network and has experience developing inside sales teams to reach niche target markets within the financial services space.  Joseph manages the sales and onboarding of advisors and accountants into the Kuttin Consulting Group family and acts as a general coach in helping advisors work smarter with accountants and other professionals to help realize their business and personal goals.