Do you know where your practice is going once you decide to let go of the wheel? Can it survive without your direction? Do you know what processes to start implementing now to ensure a smooth transition of your business?

In this episode, David Grau Jr. is joined by Matt Cooper, the President of Beacon Pointe Advisors. They discuss the importance of succession planning for independent advisors and the process of putting deals together in the private equity industry.

Matt discusses:

  • Insights on Beacon Point’s growth and expansion through M&A transactions, their criteria for affiliating with other firms, and the importance of next-generation talent.
  • The need for personal connections and addressing both economic and emotional aspects in deals
  • Advice for buyers and sellers based on their experiences
  • And more

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Connect with Matt:

About our Guest: 

Matt is a founding partner of Beacon Pointe Advisors and oversees the firm’s strategic plan focused on mergers and acquisitions, creating synergistic partnerships between Beacon Pointe and other wealth managers across the country. Matt has been featured in Financial Planning Magazine, Barron’s, InvestmentNews, Citywire, Financial Advisor IQ, and Forbes, among other publications. He also regularly speaks on a host of wealth management and industry-related topics across various national conferences. Matt has a passion for continuous lifetime learning with a focus on the wealth management and financial life management industries. At a time when the RIA industry is changing more rapidly than any other point in history, his focus is on building the best possible business to serve clients and to assist other wealth advisors in meeting their lifetime goals. Matt graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business with a BS in Finance and Business Economics. While at USC, Matt served as President for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. He remains a supporter of both the University and the National Fraternity. Matt has served on the Advisory Committee of Serving People in Need (SPIN), is past President of Newport Mesa National Junior Basketball, past President of the Andersen Elementary School Foundation (DEANS), is a member of Legatus International, and also served on the Investment Committee of The Orange Catholic Foundation. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and has three sons. Matt enjoys traveling, running and exercise, and spending time with his family.