With the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate (FASS), we have brought together a community of high-performing financial professionals who are dedicated to enhancing both their personal and professional growth.

Spearheaded by the industry’s top thought leaders all of whom represent the pinnacle of financial services education and leadership; FASS was created as a dynamic online platform to educate and empower financial advisors on how they can take their practice to new heights. Embrace the path to success alongside a community that is passionate about pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and achieving extraordinary results.

The Financial Advisor Success Syndicate Founding Members include:
• Jon Kuttin, CEO – Kuttin Consulting Group
• Frank LaRosa, CEO – Elite Consulting Partners
• Ray Kelly, Senior VP – Think2Perform
• Anton Anderson – CEO, Elite Resource Team
• Tina Beck – CMO, Elite Consulting Partners
• Jon Randall, PhD(c), Founder of XFA.COACH
• David Grau – CEO, Succession Resource Group